Talkin’ About Tellin’
After 20 years of constant Yakking, JEFF GERE declares his TRUTHS ABOUT STORYTELLING
with four musical alchemists!
(Word & Imagination, The Spell, & Elastic Time)
This Good Fun TALK STORY Primer is for
EVERYONE who loves a good story:
Tellers, Teachers, & Listeners of all Ages & Levels
Ears won’t believe what they SEE!

14 cuts  = 54 minutes

JEFF GERE is a master storyteller who tells and tours Hawaii and internationally all the time. Hear and see lots more at www.jeffgere.com .

MAUI MUSICIANS who contributed so wonderfully to these recordings:

Les Adam, (piano improvisations on most cuts (www.betzandadam,com), Alana Cini (didgeridoo), Sandra Lee Akaka (tasty percission), Vince Esquire (eclectric guitar). Hooka Café on Shaharazad. Most cuts recorded in several sessions at Mana’o Radio, Maui’s fiercely eclectic, wildly popular, non-commercial, all-volunteer low band  radio/recording phenomena by Barry Shannon and Don Lopez. The Storyteller (at Hawaii Public Radio) by Jason Taglianetti, Laughs (at Rainbow Farms by Les Adam, thanks to Sherry Sorensen.)

Les Adam Master CD. Arthur Nelander Cover Photo, Jeff Gere Editing, Photoshop & CD Design.

YAKKITY YAK      So MUCH energy – you must have to work out as for a triathlon before telling like that! Your vocal production is really impressive and endearingly kooky – your range is wide and it is quite a skill to pull off growls like that! Your passion and enthusiasm is hard to resist- even though we Aussies are generally pretty low-key types. I find your work very inspiring.       Jenni Cargill (Australia)