JEFF GERE tells his delightful playground home run hits: tales kids told to Jeff & Jeff’s tales of his own kids. These sassy pidgin Island adventures are goofy & touching, with a touch of suspense. LES ADAM adds a playful piano. ALANA CINI (didgeridoo) and SANDRA LEE AKAKA (screeches) chime in too! Here are fresh childhood gems.

@2006 Jeff Gere PO Box 37495, Honolulu, Hi 96837


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Please ask permission & credit this source when using this material. Eh, just write Jeff a note! Volumes 1 & 2 collect other True Spooky Stories of Hawaii..

This CD was created in one weekend telling old stories in new ways with friends in several places (March ’06).  I was invited to put kid’s stories on Hawaiian Airlines in-flight audio program (summer, ’06)… but my best Kid Hits weren’t recorded. Hmmm. I called my piano wizard pal LES ADAM on Maui, famous for improvising to silent movies, for playing with Willie Nelson, and on his ‘Upcountry Sunday’ concerts in Casanova’s Bar (aired live on Mana’o Radio) (Secret Weapon comes from there). Saturday I flew over and BARRY SHANNON welcomed us into Mana’o Radio. LES, ALANA CINI (didgeridoo) & I recorded for 2 hours before percussion wizard SANDRA LEE AKAKA joined us for another hour (eerie screech begins Aiea Heiau!). This was our 4th session improvising tales & tunes together. That night, bone tired, rain falling, Les and I recorded more (1st Day North Shore). Sunday Les & I did a kid show (Laughs, Shadow Tale). Then came the ‘Golden Hour’ (Dapper Dan, Zipper Hero, Get On The Bus) before I returned to Oahu. Wow! I’m so proud of this spontaneous, lively work. I’m thankful to these friends.

Recording: Barry Shannon & Les Adam.

Edited: Jeff Gere. Master: Angela Ellenwood.

Photo: Craig Kojima  Layout: Julia Meyers.

Mahalo Sherry Sorensen (Rainbow Acres)

JEFF GERE ( was the City & County of Honolulu’s Drama Specialist. Jeff’s CDs include a Haunted Hawaii Series (true supernatural tales) & Folk Tales (many with Adam, Cini, and Akaka). Get ‘em! MANA’O  RADIO ( is Maui’s wildly popular all-volunteer, commercial free, live-stream phenomena.


I believe it!  I played your Silly ‘N Spooky CD for my great-nephews, and they loved it — and you are even better in person!

I do think you have a good sensitivity to what ‘spookies’ different ages can handle, and making them think is a big part of the fun.               Mary Garrett, St. Peters, MO

SILLY N SPOOKY   I find your work very inspiring.  I love your quirky quips and your obvious love of kids- and the way you portray them as equals- not cutesy creatures.

Your ‘Zipper Hero’ story particularly inspired me. Its a really great way to celebrate the ‘positive’ rather than just telling a story about bullying. Focusing on the positive within that context is very powerful.

I suggested teachers ask kids to write short stories about their own classroom heroes…and asked teachers and parents to tell stories from their school days too.

Also I love the musician your Cd’s and sounds like you have didge on there too (Aiea Heiau)- works brilliantly.

Jenni Cargill (Australia)