stllgworldawardGuardian of Trees
Awarded ‘Best Story for Teens’
2014 Storytelling World

Here are Stories to move you, tales that matter.. expect tears.
Over 25 years of storytelling in Hawaii, Jeff Gere has recorded this collection (in studios, at shows, mostly with music)… personal tales, folk tales, quiet shadings, oral histories… this intimate story diary has powerful substance & deep sustenance, and the scent of flowers.

* Les Adam (piano)
+ Les Adam (piano & Vince Esquire (guitar) @ Mana’o Radio.
# Les Adam (piano), Alana Cini 9didgeridoo) at Mandala, Maui

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In 2010, I ‘got the call’ to come to the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, a major event in the life of an American storyteller. It is a kind of an honorific stamp of approval. So I performed on the ‘Exchange Place’, 12 minutes in a circus tent in front of 2,000 people. The producers kept asking if I had a CD with the story I was planning to tell on it (Guardian of the Trees), so I made one! 

I’m in the habit of recording a list of the ‘new’ stories so whenever I’m on Maui, I can record at Mana’o Radio: excellent folks and facilities, and my musical wizard, Les Adam, records there. Rummaging through such recordings, I found quite a few moving and unreleased cuts. So here’s another collection of our efforts! There’s some real meat on these tales, much to chew on, deep and moving events. It is a pleasure to have them collected to share. And yes, people wept in Tennessee when I told the Guardian of the Trees. Three years later it got a national award from Storytelling World- nice!