Lust, Jealousy, Murder, Revenge

TWISTED makes a heart skip! Intense tales, JEFF GERE’s narrative gymnastics , & rich musical soundscapes make this CD a horrifying EVENT’- ‘Twisted’ is dark, seething, & messy (PG-13: Yeah, really).

Hold on to your ears!

# Darin Miyashiro (koto), ^ Vince Esquire (guitar), ~Kathy Collins (teller),                                                 *Les Adam (piano), +Alana Cini (didge), Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion)

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“ I took my time, waiting for the right mix of horror story recordings to come together. These tellings give ME goose-bumps even NOW!” JG

MISTER FOX  (21:07) In this inspired recording (3/06), Adam (piano), Cini (didgeridoo) & Akaka (percussion) had never heard the tale. There was no rehersal. Alana Cini is a master of the didgeridoo, rumored to have studied with Australian Aboriginees. She came to Maui with a recording career in Seattle. Sandra Lee Akaka’s Radio show shared her exquisite taste in world-beat  music. Despite a demanding  tourism job, she sat in here.

TALE OF THE OBI (14:11) This original ‘traditional’ Japanese  Obake tale mirrors the English ballad,’Wind ‘n Rain’. Darin Miyashiro, Honolulu’s jazz koto , classically  trained  koto teacher,  quickly adapted  to Jeff’s melodic sketch wailed  at Hawaii Public Radio (1/07). Jason Taglianetti recorded us.

SWIMMING WITH SHARKS came out of a long 2007 session, the 1st time Gere met Vince Esquire, who plays often with Les- Amazing sounds!

THE BOO HAG  (16:28) features the hot improvised interactions of Gere & Les Adam’s piano in Casanova’s Bar for an ‘Upcountry Sunday’ crowd (Makawao, 10/05).

OKIKU  Gere & Kathy Collins (director, Mana’o Radio) at Maui’s Iao Theater  (10/09). It’s the 1st time Adam played with them in this tale. Don Lopez recorded & mixed with Vince Esquire (incredible job!)

JEFF GERE is an infinitely creative and productive storyteller who travels constantly telling stories in Hawaii and internationally. .

LES ADAM speaks music fluently! He’s colored Jeff’s tellings on several CDs (and all cuts here but Tale of Obi). He plays live shows all over Maui and at his  monthly ‘Upcountry Sunday’ concerts , aired live on Mana’o Radio (Boo Hag).:  HYPERLINK “” .

MANA’O  RADIO is Maui’s extremely eclectic, wildly popular, all-volunteer, non-commercial radio station ( HYPERLINK “” Co-founder Barry Shannon taped.Mr. Fox (studio) & Boo Hag (Casanovas). He passed in March.’07. Barry introduced Jeff to Les, Sandra and Alana, saying “I think this’ll work .” Right!

Photos: Kelli Heath,   Layout : Jeff Gere with Mike Wilcox, Recorded Media Services

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