Jeff Gere  (tale twister)
Les Adam (piano wizard)
Vince Esquire  (eclectric guitar)

73 minutes  in 9 cuts of rhymin’ verse & kickin’ music

“Playground kids convinced me of the power of THE TWO BROTHERS. I love the demanding length, wacky characters, and intertwining scenes. Then in one long kickin’ session we three  just TOOK IT ON! Telling it in sections, quickly making agreements, never revisiting anything, we rode each creative wave together to a stop.

I’ve NEVER HEARD a story TOLD like this! I’m in awe of Les and Vince’s RICH soundscape textures, all improvised – and stamina. I speaked good and my subconscious made narrative leaps. Don Lopez (engineer) added wonders. We made a little jewel here-  it SINGS! We’re AMAZING! I surprise MYSELF! It’s WAY better than I’d hoped and I’m glee-filled & giddy sharing it with YOU!” -Jeff Gere

  1. (6:38) Golden Bird, Father & Uncle, Abandons Boy
  2. (8:08) We’re Hunters, Bunny Fox Wolf Bear Lion, Seperate
  3. (4:51) Curse, Chapel, Strongest Man In the World
  4. (5:25) She Chapel meets Him, outside Waiting 
  5. (8:28) Dragon Battle, Reunion Kiss, Sleep
  6. (8:53) Advisor & Princess, He loose/gains Head, Broken Heart
  7. (10:11) Wedding: Bunny Fox Wolf Bear ‘Table of King’
  8. (10:33) Lion, Challenge, Kiss, New King
  9. (9:41) Forest Enchants King, Brother frees King, Return

JEFF GERE runs the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii’s largest storytelling celebration, and host/produces Talk Story Radio  (, podcasts!) He performs constantly in Hawaii, and in Turkey, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He received the 2007 Oracle Award (Pacific) from the National Storytelling Network. .

LES ADAM speaks music fluently on 9 Gere CDs. Les improvises with tellers at Jeff’s Talk Story Festival. Maui loves Les for the biweekly ‘Upcountry Sunday’ concerts aired live on Mana’o Radio. Original songs with Dorothy Betz are at

VINCE ESQUIRE is one of Maui’s home-grown twenty-something stars who’s toured with Greg Alman. Les invited Vince, who met Jeff for the first time for this recording.

RECORDED April ’07 @ MANA’O  RADIO, Maui’s eclectic, wildly popular, all-volunteer, non-commercial station. Don Lopez, creative engineer. Kelli Heath polishing, Arthur Nelander cover photo, Jeff Gere  cover photoshop/ design, Les Adam CD mastering. Thanks Dominique. This CD is dedicated to Barry Shannon, Mana’o co-founder who introduced Jeff to Les saying “I think this’ll work out”. Right!

I finally listened to Two Brothers edge to edge. Thanks so much for this extravagant journey, zany, creative, varied, and wild at heart. In a word, Jeff Gere to the core. VERY WELL DONE.

Bill Amatneck (Northern California)

The fabulous Jeff Gere from Hawaii, working in collaboration with outstanding musicians Les Adam on the piano and Vince Esquire on the guitar, create riffs like jazz musicians.

Jeff’s CD is unusual not only because of his creative collaboration with the musicians but also because he tells one long story, with many individual exciting adventures, for the whole CD. This technique is very similar to the way the bards of old told their tales… This requires very special skills

and the difficulty of doing it scares many storytellers away.

Ah, but not our Jeff. This CD was created in a very special way. They did it in one session, section by section, never replaying anything. As Jeff says, “We just rode each creative wave to a stop.” Now that’s storytelling at its core… just telling story after story in the best improvisational style. And that takes guts! It’s not for the faint of heart!                Jackie Baldwin intro on Story Lover’s Radio Show