Tales of Kids in Hawaii

This show features the aerobic rubber-faced storyteller JEFF GERE telling a medley of playground hits full of suspense that end with a laugh. One camera shooting in a neutral room with Maui’s improvisation piano wizard LES ADAM gave Jeff plenty of material to ‘effect’ in visually FUN ways these FUN tales for kids. 30 minutes.

FIRST DAY ON NORTH SHORE  (6:30) On the 1st morning in a new North Shore home, Jeff dragged to the beach by his kids. A clown applies make-up as a huge Hawaiian woman sings. What occurred next is touching and poetic and true!  EFFECT: Sprinkled throughout are cut-away puppets Jeff created to illustrate the story, and bits of earlier video treatments. Gorgeous!

ZIPPER HERO (4:25) A 5th grader saves an embarrassed 2nd grader (teased because his zipper was down) by pulling down his zipper (‘Look, no blood, no shame!’) He calls to the playground,  just as a teacher asks ‘what are you doing?

THE GLOVE (3:10) At a boy’s birthday sleep-over, his mom kicks them outside to play night hide-and-seek. Hiding behind the clothes  line pole, he sees Mom’s garden glove twitch, jump around, fall to the ground, walk and climb up his pant leg. He freaks, hits it up, and discovers why it moved- there was a mouse inside! EFFECT: Super saturated high contrast colors (blues) as they go into the night).

BANYAN TREE TALE (6:05) A little girl, afraid of the dark, has to pee. Brother won’t wake. As she runs to the outhouse, she sees a white shape under the Banyan Tree with NO HEAD! And she had to run back too! In the morning, she tells her mom as the mother gahers her white, long sleeve muumuu dress. EFFECTS: Lots of Green for the evening run.


AIEA HEIAU (5:50)  Aiea has a park with a heiau, a Hawaiian temple. While two families are there car-camping, one boy dares another to go into the heiau. Scared, but not ‘chicken’, he follows his friend into the middle of the heiau. The leader freaks, pointing to the approaching form of a huge man. The ‘Nightmarcher!’ (ghosts of ancient warriors) keeps coming…  (don’t worry, it’s the night WATCH man).

EFFECT: Use stone wall, cut-away of heiau, shrinkings, lots of fish-eye, very fun

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Please ask permission & credit this source when using this material. Eh, just write Jeff a note! Volumes 1 & 2 collect other True Spooky Stories of Hawaii..

(all with Les Adam, piano)

REVIEW of ‘Silly N Spooky’ CD in Honolulu Advertiser (2006)

First Day on the North Shore (beautiful personal tale & puppet bits, 5:15min) *

Under the Banyan Tree (the girl sees something white in the dark, 6min) *

The Glove (short fun, with video coloration, 3:40 min.) *

Aiea Heiau (builds on fear of walking Hawaiian spirits, ends in a joke. 6:30min) *

Zipper Hero (older boy uses humor to deflate embarassment, 4:45 min.) *