I DARE YOU to listen!  In this 3rd CD of true supernatural tales of Hawaii, Jeff Gere gives you a front row seat amid a very “LIVELY SHOW” audience.

The Panui Stone (18:34) changes its shape to prevent a murder in this tale of love and cultures in collision.  Telling this tale provoked a crisis in Jeff (Not Brown Enough, (3:38), who resolved it by telling it to Hawaiian elders. One then told him Runway Bones (3:00). In CC Camp (10:25), the Menehune (leprechauns, little people) play frightening tricks on the night guard. Finally, a  teenager discovers in 2 visits (17:28 and 9:32) that the Old Mililani Graveyard in the center of Oahu is haunted- DEFINITELY!

Warning: These stories are NOT for young children.

WOW! Your CD’s really something! I wish I could’ve been in the room to see you perform these stories. Your personality really comes through, and I love hearing the pidgin. I’ve played it over & over this week and enjoyed it every time.         Anne Shimojima, Chicago Storyteller

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Please ask permission & credit this source when using this material. Eh, just write Jeff a note! Volumes 1 & 2 collect other True Spooky Stories of Hawaii..

Jeff Gere says of the series, These tales attest to the powerful presence of Hawaiian myth and legend in the lives of Hawaii’s people today. These stories are gifts, a trust, sacred. It is my great privilege to serve as the medium through which these incredible private tales are shared with you. I mean no harm or insult by my style of telling, or by revealing the stories themselves. I intend to honor the people portrayed & the culture of my home”