PREPARE to get SCARED in Jeff Gere’s 2nd chilling collection of true supernatural contemporary islander tales. Hear about the disappearing rider on the Punchbowl Bus  (13:46). Meet a drunk uncle who dares to confront the Nightmarchers, spirits of the Dead Hawaiians (7:30), and what happened after (Uncle’s Epilogue 2:47). A “Sensative” (11:50) girl is possessed by spirits until the ti plant sets her free.Then come three disturbing tales of Samoa’s “SPIRIT WOMEN” (Palangi Tale (sexy spirit woman 8:35), Boy Bow Bird (boy gets a shocking lesson, 10:30), Take Me To Afono (Not in Church? This woman comes to punish!, 10:17).

In this exceptional recording,  Jeff’s dynamic telling merges with the eerie soundscapes of Les Adams (keyboards) and Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion). They’d never met Jeff and had not heard these stories, though they’ve recorded together many times since. Their spontaneous improvisation here are alarmingly, chillingly effective. This CD is NOT for young children. Really! And it WILL give you “chicken skin!”

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Honolulu Star Bulletin, Saturday October 8, 2005

. Spooky tales represent only a fraction of storyteller Gere’s repertoire, however, and his recordings approach spooky material in a different way. Gere’s storytelling prowess adds comic shadings to the stories at times, despite the basically chilling material. With his second album in the “Haunted Hawaii” series, Gere includes spooky stories from Samoa as well.

Several were shared with him by local kids. There’s the tale of the bus driver who picks up a mysterious woman in the Punchbowl area, and another about a loudmouth uncle who dares to challenge the dreaded “night marchers”. A third describes a case of demonic possession. Two of the Samoan stories contain lessons for young listeners. A boy who kills birds and sasses his elders learns the error of his ways. A near-death experience teaches two men not to work when they should be in church.

Les Adam (keyboard) and Sandra lee Akaka (percussion) embellish Gere’s work with just enough music to set the mood or underscore key moments in the narrative.

While spooky stories come into vogue in the weeks leading up to Halloween, Gere’s tales have year-around appeal.