Six Intense Live Dramas give ‘Chickenskin’!

Jeff Gere really does BECOME these true contemporary supernatural tales of Hawaii collected over 30 years. Evocative video effects (created by Gere) & swirling music landscapes add to his performances. Recorded LIVE! at Maui Arts & Culture (McCoy Studio) with Les Adam (piano), Alana Cini (didgeridoo), and Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion).  Dare to watch- but not ALONE!

Born on Halloween, Jeff Gere was founder/host of the Talk Story Festival. He retired in 2015 and has toured the world since, as well as a constant performing schedule in Hawaii. www.jeffgere.com

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I waited a long long time to put this together. After more than a decade of monthly shows on Olelo: Public Acess TV, I started editing my own material, collecting recordings until that packed concert at the Maui Arts & Culture with musical friends Les Adam (piano), Alana Cini (didgeridoo), and Sandra Lee Akaka (percussion). Wonderfully moving!

I assure you, this is a unique, lovingly crafted, moving experience (visually, audibly, and intellectually)… It’s quite a trip, tapping into the root of some deep island lore.

HAUNTED HAWAII LIVE! (DVD – Supernatural Hawaii)

The Man Who Met Pele (true supernatural tale, manipulated video, 11min.) *


The Lovers of Panui (a stone stops a murder, told with 3 musicians, 17 min) *


C.C. Camp (2 shorts, & man meets Menehune, Hawaii’s 1st people, 11:20 min) *


Take Me To Afono (Samoan, tale of spirit woman, 5 min) *


The Pig Hunter’s Tale (encounter with Night Marchers with 3 musicians, 6:30) *