Tales of Conflict & Resolution
Lyn Ford (Ohio), Alton Chung (Oregon),
Jeff Gere (Hawaii), Les Adam (piano)

stllgworldawardAwarded: HONORS in 2008 (use logo)

“Show the ugly face of racial conflict.
Move us & give us hope with story.”
Three Master Storytellers responded to this challenge.
In the Assembly, students were stunned, wept quietly to the tales
with Les Adam responding on a grand piano.
In the end, they stood cheering.

“That was the best assembly we’ve had. Ever.”
Joe Schmidt, Head Master, Seabury Hall (Maui) Oct. 2007

58 minutes, created by mutual consent.

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This  90 minute concert was given in October, 2007 following the 19th Annual Talk Story Festival on a tour to Maui and Hawaii. This CD was created by mutual consent & cooperation by all four artists. Please credit sources. Asking for permission is legal and appropriate.

Fourth-generation storyteller LYN FORD shares her ‘Afrilachian’ family’s multicultural oral traditions by telling “Home-Fried Tales”–folktale adaptations, spooky tales, and original stories. She’s been featured at the National Storytelling Festival, is an author and Ohio teaching artist. (www.lynfordstoryteller.com)

ALTON CHUNG was raised in Hawaii, and now lives in Portland. He was awarded the ‘J. J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award’ by the National Storytelling Network (’05). In addition to ‘Obake’ and Asian Tale collections, his newest project is telling the true tales of the Japanese-American soldiers of World War II. (www.altonchung.com)

Born on Halloween, JEFF GERE blends talents as painter, puppeteer, & mime to become his stories! A (www.jeffgere.com)

LES ADAM speaks music fluently! He graces 9 Gere CDs and improvises live with tellers at Jeff’s Talk Story Festival. He’s loved on Maui for playing to silent movies, for concerts with Willie Nelson, and for the biweekly ‘Upcountry Sunday’ acoustic music shows, aired live on Mana’o Radio. (www.betzandadam.com)

Photos: Minako Ishii * Cover Design & Editing: Jeff Gere|
Recording & Mastering: Les Adam