Links to Jeff’s Shows

sspSILLY ‘N SPOOKY (DVD – KID TALES) (all with Les Adam, piano)

REVIEW of ‘Silly N Spooky’ CD in Honolulu Advertiser (2006)

First Day on the North Shore (beautiful personal tale & puppet bits, 5:15min) *

Under the Banyan Tree (the girl sees something white in the dark, 6min) *

The Glove (short fun, with video coloration, 3:40 min.) *

Aiea Heiau (builds on fear of walking Hawaiian spirits, ends in a joke. 6:30min) *

Zipper Hero (older boy uses humor to deflate embarassment, 4:45 min.) *


hh1HAUNTED HAWAII LIVE! (DVD – Supernatural Hawaii)

The Man Who Met Pele (true supernatural tale, manipulated video, 11min.) *

The Lovers of Panui (a stone stops a murder, told with 3 musicians, 17 min) *

C.C. Camp (2 shorts, & man meets Menehune, Hawaii’s 1st people, 11:20 min) *

Take Me To Afono (Samoan, tale of spirit woman, 5 min) *

The Pig Hunter’s Tale (encounter with Night Marchers with 3 musicians, 6:30) *


SPOOKY’ SHOW (3rd-8th grades)

full theater show presented by/with Honolulu Theater for Youth, 2 shows a day Oct 2012 REVIEW of ‘Spooky’ – delightful review of Jeff’s solo show, Midweek 10/12

Boy Bow Bird (Samoan Tale of Teleasi, spirit people, 9 min) *

You Got the Power (man In the closet, a short tale to end show, 3:20min) *


PUPPETS  (*Sp- part of ‘Spooky’ Stage Show)

Snow Witch (Japanese obake tale, using Shadow Box & poem)*Sp (8:30) *

Silver Nose (Italian tale, Shadow Puppet on Overhead Projector)*Sp (9:30) *

Arabian Nights: Man, Doe, Ginn (laptop Shadow Puppets)*Sp (9:40) *

Arabian Nights: Envier & Envied Man (Shadows, Forgiveness Fest. ’05, 9:45)*

Arabian Nights: Tale of the One Eyed Man (Flying Horse, 10 min.)

Japanese Immigration & Life in Hawaii (Jeff adapted script of historical fiction,    added images, directed narration for big venue show, 2013, 25 min.) *

Ashmudai & King Solomon (shadow puppet of Jewish folktale,13:30 min) *

Owl & Spider Puppets (2 full body puppets created for kid’s musical, 7:30 min) *



Mom, You’re Freaking Me Out (Mom’s really not herself tonight, 6:16) *

Ectoplasm (Teenager’s true experience with a ghost, 6min.) *

Grandma? (a little boy sees her ghost, 2:39) *

Okiku (intense Japanese ‘obake’ ghost folktale of murder & retribution, 16:25) *

Pokai Bay (tale of righting wrong to a stone, Forgiveness Festival, 7:45 min) *

Mr Fox (macabre folktale by 3 tellers: JG, Lyn Ford & Anne Shimojima, 20 min)*



Olelo Banquet Keynote (with Starfish & Jataka: Parrot tales, 12:30 min.) *

Teen Disaster (from life with my daughter, coming of age tale) 9:20 min. *

FACE Workshop (tales & face exercises, hilarious participation,15 min.) *

Arabian Nights: Highlights (Jeff, belly dancer & 2 musicians, 18 months, 02-03)

Halloween Warm-up (Rubber Face on Channel 4, short & sweet, 2min)*

Taiwan Show: full show with Chinese translators, poor audio, 45 min.) *

Taiwan Promo Video (clips from 2014 tour with 4 other tellers, 15 min*

Massive Photo Archive from Taiwan 2014 *

VIRAL: YouTube clip of Jeff dance (700,000 hits +, national TV, 1:30min)*



Collage Massage 40 collage images made in first months of 2016 for Oct exhibit

Talk Story Radio (40 podcasts of Jeff’s story radio show)

Think Bigger: Storytelling & Media (Art of Storytelling with Children, 1 hr)

Apple Seed Story Radio (BYU & Sirius Radio interview w/ Ben Payne 4/14 1 hr.)

‘Yakkity-Yak’ (Talkin’ bout Tellin’ tales on with pianist Les Adam)

‘Think Tech’ web channel: lively interview with Jay Fidel 2013, 45 min) *

‘NOT Talk Story Camp’ Tour  (journal & photos of Oahu tour with 7 storytellers    (Philippines, 3 Japan, Canada, San Francisco & Chicago, July 2013)

Honolulu  Magazine (Cot 2008 recommendations for telling Spooky Tales) *

Living Delicious: Lively storytelling interview with Helena Medena 2011 *

Part 1 (9 min)

Part 2 (9 min)

Part 3 (9 min)